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Wendy’s classes have been a real help to my body and soul. It has helped me take one hour just for me and give myself some TLC. It is amazing how much these exercises can become imprinted into my moving and thinking with more grace and ease towards my self. Wendy is always infinitely flexible to accommodate and give modifications for any body or movement limitations we may be experiencing.

I always learn something and feel better after each class.

Chris Procter

You are the most amazing instructor because I don’t have to watch your demonstration at every moment. You define exactly each movement which is an art; so that it’s easy to follow. Since attending your classes my chronic pain areas have dissolved. My physician, a specialist in sports med and rehabilitation, felt that time and your class improved my ease of motion and lessened my pain. And I have been able to stop any treatment.  I often think that continuing this class I will be more resilient and able to recover should an accident, such as a fall, occur. Thanks Wendy!

Joy Foster

As a long time physiotherapist and yoga practitioner, I have always thought I knew quite a bit about movement and how my body functions.  After taking Wendy’s mindful movement classes both in person and on Zoom, I am can honestly say I am learning new ways to move my body with ease and slowly increasing grace. The classes are gentle and yet your body knows that it has worked. You learn to move in ways that are intuitive to your body without forcing it to accomplish more. My tight hips and shoulders almost make an audible sigh of relief when I come into the now familiar constructive rest pose. My abdominal muscles now truly understand what it means to activate when I need them to be strong.  The best part is that I feel more confidence in my body to heal when I have been out on a long bike ride, hike or done a strenuous yoga class. I come into constructive rest, do a few knee drops and reset my body.  Discovering my body is a life-long process. This practice is one I know I will be able to continue with until I am 100 years old. Wendy teaches from her heart. She loves this practice and that is evident in the way she teaches.  She can watch each individual in a class and give specific feedback on ways to enhance individual practice.  If the group has a need on any given day….she is able to teach to that need without hesitation.  I would recommend somatic movement to anyone who wants to feel more at home in their body and remain active with less discomfort. Thanks Wendy….so glad I signed up.

Sarah Rose

I love the Mindful Movement classes with so much of the “movement” being supported by the floor. These classes have improved by co-ordination, my flexibility, core strength and balance. I am more body-aware than I have ever been! Being of a “certain age” as most of my classmates are, these gentle, although sometimes challenging movements, are more effective for me than any other exercise program I have participated in…including yoga. They help with everyday movement. I look forward to my weekly class and meeting up with like-minded classmates who offer encouragement and support. Every week we share some laugher too as we investigate new movement patterns.

Lucy Shelters

Mindful Movement is just that; 'Mindful,' in that points of interest are specifically targeted in each class with Wendy's demonstrating flexibility to address the personal needs of students on any particular day; and 'Movement,' with seemingly simple postures producing healing results. Wendy's directions are very clear, starting out simply and becoming more involved, guiding students into using various muscle groups, and progressing to a level that is best for them.  At the end of the class, I feel stretched and stress free. During the week, I can always go back to these postures and mind set to find relief.  Wendy is continually updating her own practice in order to pass on new things to us. I highly recommend this program.

Brenda Sloane